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Foto di Nicola Massa

 Nicola@Desvelos a spasso per Siviglia

 La Marea Distante: Desvelos Records meet Miro Sassolini, Joe Perrino and Daniela Amenta

Round table at Covo Art Cafè, Cagliari (Italy), 31 March 2007

 Desvelos Records and Macaco Records at MEI 2006 (Faenza, Italy)

Desvelos Records meet Macaco Records at Meeting Etichette Indipendenti (Faenza) Italy 25/26 November 2006

 Primochef del cosmo dal vivo al festival Abbabula

 Happy New Year 2006

Happy New Year 2006 from Marta Collica (Sepiatone) and Jean Marc Butty (John Parish)

 Recensione Sepiatone su Luna Kafè (Svezia)

Dark Summer

Hugo Race, known for his work with Nick Cave's Bad Seeds has teamed up with Marta Collica to form Sepiatone. Race has made ten solo albums with the True Spirit and Collica was with Micevice before. The soft strains of "Greenhouse" are beguiling. Like much of the album, it gives off a cinematic air and has a sweet lead vocal. "Unnatural Fire" is a duet that evokes the work that Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra used to do.

"Ce Dio" with its spooky, haunted mood is an instant classic. This is what creating something new is supposed to sound like. The title track sees the duo create a lovely but unsettling mood. Collica's vocal has a girlish hue that's very effective in this setting. This is a fine record.

Copyright © 2005 Anna Maria Stjärnell

 Recensione Antennah su Luna Kafè (Svezia)

Love Has Many Faces

Antennah hail from a different part of the world than other pop bands and their approach is different than the commonplace. "Kites" is an eerie Radiohead meets Tricky sort of a song. Its progressive rock meets trip hop weirdness is stunning. "Rumene" features Cia Soro from my fellow countrymen Whale. It's good to hear that her girlish voice is intact.

It sounds good with Antennah frontman Tullio Cipriano's mellow tones. "Granny" is a neat poppy song that has Cipriano singing wistfully of childhood. "Youth" is a memorable Soft Cell cover that proves the bands versatility. This is a lovely record.

Copyright © 2005 Anna Maria Stjärnell

 Recensione di Merola Matrix e Sepiatone sull'autorevole mensile inglese THE WIRE

WIRE nr. 259 september 2005
The Merola Matrix + Sepiatone
...with Race now based in southern Italy, these other two albums bear the mark of his new cultural surroundings and see him forging fruitful relationships with local musicians. The Merola Matrix is an evocative collage of loops drawn from tapes of 70s Neapolitan sceneggiatta crooner Mario Merola, mixed with field recordings, electronics and live processing. Dark Summer, a collaboration with vocalist Marta Collica, is a collection of langorously downtempo, sleepily sexy pop songs, underpinned by warped samples and radiant electronic textures. Two very differents albums, then, but united by Race's commitment to spontaneity and experiment, and deserving of the closest attention of the highest praise.

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